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Third Party Enhancements In Palm Diary OS

As we all know that Palm diary software has changed a lot from being simple personal organizer device to become operating system for smartphones, Windows based mobile and so on. Well, all this has become possible because of possibility of doing enhancements in palm diary OS.

The concept of third party enhancements in palm diary OS has really contributed a lot in making these devices more useful and advanced. The review presented below contains useful details which describe the concept of Palm diary OS third party enhancements in a better way. Let us take a look:

The manufacturers are free to carry on different enhancements in palm diary OS and add different features of the OS in their devices or even add new features. There are numerous licensees of Palm soft who have carried out customized modifications because palm diary OS third party enhancements are possible. However, it must be noted that these enhancements are not included in the official licensed version.

Since enhancements in palm diary OS are possible, it has led to the development of a Bluetooth API for the purpose of external Bluetooth SDIO Cards for Palm OS 4.0 devices.

A virtual graffiti input area API especially for Tungsten T3 device had been included by Palm and it was later outmoded by the official Dynamic Input Area API in Palm OS 5.3.

Palm carried out enhancements in palm diary OS by adding Non-Volatile File System, and used Flash for storage instead of DRAM. It was done to  preventing data-loss in the event of battery drain. Other enhancements in palm diary OS was the addition of CameraLib API for palm’s own camera-equipped devices.

One of the most popular third party enhancements in palm diary OS has been carried Sony when it included a library to support JogDial input available on their CLIÉ organizers.

Toyota Company, which is one of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, has been recently lauded for its effort to innovate solar powered cars.

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