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Legal Issues With Palm Diary OS 

Over the years, there have been so many legal issues with palm diary OS due to one reason or the other. Listed below are some of the main palm diary OS legal issues which have been in news. Read on the review as it will let you know various facts about palm diary OS and will add to your knowledge.

One of the famous legal issues with palm diary is the one which is known as Xerox vs. Palm computing which took place in 1997. The main cause behind this issue was that actually Xerox had been awarded a patent on ‘unistroke’. Xerox admitted a lawsuit against Palm which was at that time known by the name of U.S. Robotics, claiming that it has Graffiti infringed on their patent. The result of this Palm diary OS legal issue which it had with Xerox was that Palm lost this suit and they had to make a switch from Graffiti 1 to Graffiti 2. However, this patent was reversed in May 2004 due to some prior laws.

The second of the legal issues with palm diary OS featured in this list was between

Pilot Pen Corporation and Palm Computing in the year 1998. Since, the real name of Palm diary OS handhelds was Pilot. Pilot Pen Corporation objected to this name as therefore filed a lawsuit against it and as a result of which it was forced to change the name and renaming it as PalmPilot, then eventually to Palm.

The other another Palm diary OS legal issue was between Palm and Microsoft and took place in 1998. the cause was that Microsoft decided to call its next version of handheld computing platform as Palm PC. In this particular case, the legal lawsuit was filed by Palm computing for a change. A suit was filed against Microsoft which forced Microsoft to change the name to first, Palm-sized PC, and later, Pocket PC.

E-Pass Technologies vs. Palm, Microsoft and HP (2000) in the year 2000 is also among the main legal issues with palm diary OS which are associated with Palm.

A suit was filed against Palm, claiming that its handhelds infringed on an E-Pass's uses its patent (#5,276,311). This lawsuit is still going on.

Other famous legal issues with palm diary are known as NCR vs. Handspring and Palm (2001) in 1987, RIM vs. Handspring (2002) in 2002, and Peer-to-Peer Systems vs. Palm in 2002.

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