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Modernization Of Palm Diary OS

There had been regular efforts put in by PalmSource to carry put the modernization of palm diary OS. Many steps had been taken by it to develop a modern successor for Palm diary OS 5 and have licensees implement it.

Even though PalmSource dispatched Palm OS Cobalt 6.0 to its licensees in the first month of year 2004, none of its licensee agreed to release devices. Then, PalmSource took some major steps to carry out improvements to Palm OS Cobalt with the release of Palm OS Cobalt 6.1 in September 2004 in order to satisfy licensees, however despite its best effort to bring modernization in palm diary OS did not resulted in production of devices.

By the end of same year, i.e., in last month of 2004, PalmSource declared its new OS strategy. It also acquired mobile phone Software Company China named as Mobile soft and hoped o port Palm OS on top of a Linux kernel, while still offering both Palm OS Garnet and Palm OS Cobalt. However, again they had to revise their strategy and in the year 2005, it announced that it was uncertain about all the all development efforts aimed to bring modernization of palm diary OS on any product will not be directly related to its future Linux based platform.

A new period in the modernization of palm diary OS started with the takeover of Palmsoft by ACCESS. The first major change that took place was that Palm OS for Linux was altered to become the ACCESS Linux Platform which was first announced in February 2006. The initial versions of the platform and software development kits for the ACCESS Linux Platform were officially made available in the market in 2007. The first smartphone in which Access Linux Platform was implemented was Edelweiss device by Emblaze Mobile that is scheduled for mid 2009.

It is important to know that Palm, Inc. which happens to be the main licensee of Palm OS Garnet has developed its own Linux-based operating system called Palm webOS as it doesn’t make use of ACCESS Linux Platform in their own devices

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